Discovering the harp

To help children experience the world of early music, Ars Lyrica has developed two educational outreach programs for schools. “Harp History” traces the development of the harp from the Middle Ages to modern times and is specifically designed for K-5 students to address and enhance the requirements of TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill) standards. “Renaissance Rock” introduces K-12 students to period dances plus an array of period instruments including recorders, shawms, crumhorns, and bagpipes. Both are interactive in nature and designed to connect children intellectually and physically with an earlier culture.

Call Young Audiences of Houston at 713-520-9267 to book an Ars Lyrica outreach performance in your school.

School Outreach Feedback
“Again, many thanks! The Kindergarten teachers at Travis were really impressed with the program and the kids seemed to have a great time. Caleb came home and told me all about the different harps, the meaning of the word “harp” and many other tidbits of information he picked up today. I hope it was a good experience for Becky, too! Let us know if it’s a possibility to bring it back next year. It would be wonderful to share it with more children.”
—Jennifer McClure, parent

“Miss Becky, our harpist, shared three of her harps with us: a small medieval harp, a slightly larger renaissance harp, and a large modern harp with pedals. We sang with Miss Becky, we danced with Miss Becky, and . . . Miss Becky even let us touch the harps!! We got to pluck the strings of the medieval harp and feel vibrations as they moved through the large modern harp as Miss Becky played the strings. It was a delight to watch and listen as your children were filled with “Harp History” knowledge through this intimate hands-on experience. ”
—Melanie Nelson, Travis Elementary teacher